CEO Message

Welcome to AMK Global, a Canadian and British-based recruitment and immigration firm.

AMK Global Group is nationally and internationally authorized, regulated and recognized by various authorities around the globe for the company’s high level of performance in offering specialized services, skills, and experience.

Founded in 2017, AMK Global quickly achieved recognition as a professional industry leader. Today the company is known as one of the fastest growing companies specializing in recruiting, immigration and English language training programs.

AMK Global is committed to providing clients with competent, honest and committed services, always working in their best interest.

We have succeeded in gaining the trust and confidence of our customers, which has contributed to our success by always keeping our “customer first”.

An amalgamation of skills and competencies combined with intelligence, honesty and rigorous professional standards enables us to stay ahead of our competitors.

AMK Global’s overall business strategy reflects an obligation to sustainability and accountability, as well as progress and productivity. This provides an undeniable advantage in market leadership.

AMK Global is a synthesis of values and capabilities. Diversity is our framework and our employees reflect our pledge to work with all cultures. Our company is built upon the talent of our consultants and legal experts from Canada and the United Kingdom who have in-depth knowledge of the local labour markets and immigration laws.

We invite you to use our professional services for a free evaluation and to relax with the assurance that your future is in good hands.

Come and Be the next in the multitude of our successful clients.

Kind regards,
San Mahajan
EX. British Army, Mechanical Eng.
CEO – Chairman

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